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It’s horrible. But there’s nothing I can do. My diary is being read. A copy was made, and an FTP site with a disgusting title was made open to the public. I deleted it, but about 20 people have read it.
How could things end up like this? That’s right, they can do as least as much to me as I can to them.
By the end of the day, my search engine and my deletion bot made its way through the Internet. But what if my opponent made a backup of my diary? Since I’m sure they’re a weird kind of person, they could be making a complete backup.”

Lain Iwakura (岩倉 玲音) took form in Shibuya (1998) as byproduct of the human collective unconscious as an autonomous, sentient computer program in the physical and corporeal form of a human being, designed to sever the invisible barrier between the Wired and the real world. As she’s merely the different images of Lain represented in each person’s mind, she has developed multiple, multiple-personalities, both in the physical world and the Wired.

Can I do what looks like some kind of magic?”


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