plunderphonic theory

From Great Expectations through Don Quixote what I was interested in doing was examine how things worked. I couldn’t have cared less about putting things back together. I just wanted to say, “How does this work? How does sexism work?” So I would take texts and examine them and put them next to each other and see where I ended up. It was a journey into nihilism. “Okay, we end up there, and that’s not true either. What’s the truth value of this? What’s the truth value of that?” In Empire of the Senseless, I wasn’t interested in that anymore. I was interested in constructing something. But it was constructing from rubble. I was interested in seeing if I could make a narrative. What would I make a narrative out of? What would the narrative look like? I could summarize the plot of Empire of the Senseless. I couldn’t do that with any of my other novels.

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